Pre-configured Multi-Display System - our systems are built around high specification computers specifically for trading, business and home or gaming use...all you need to do is order, plug and play.

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We have purpose built Multi Display Systems depending on for all uses with specifications to suit all budgets from standard, professional use to extreme series specifications...

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  • Multiple Screen Computers for Home & Business

    Our business range machines are ideal for any commercial requirement. All our systems are built with genuine intel  hardware to ensure you have a stable and long lasting hardware.

  • Multiple Screen Computers for Trading

    Using the fastest processors, the most high quality intel hardware means you will get the fastest execution speeds on hardware that will not fail.

  • Multiple Screen Computers for Gaming

    Our gaming Systems don’t hold back, we supply the highest specification gaming systems coupled with multiple array monitor formations customized for different types of gaming applications means that  this make your make your gaming come to life.

Recent Installations

Check out some of the companies around the world where we have installed our Multi Display Systems...

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