About Us

We have been manufacturing , supplying and installing custom specification Multi Display Systems for clients all over the world since 1989. We cater for all types of setups ranging from  small Home and Business use Multiple Display Computers through to Specialist Multiple Screen Computers specifically suited for Gaming, Trading and graphics professionals. We take pride in the systems that we build and know that the research we do to select quality components pays off to deliver the right machine for you.

We can visit you on-site (business) or at your home, or you can simply walk in to our Computer showroom in Crawley, West Sussex to see the latest that technology has to offer.


Domestic Solutions

Whether it is a dual or multiple screen display system that you need for your specific application, we have experienced staff to advise you on the system and display specification that will best suit you. We also offer a supply, configure and install service as we strive to deliver a professional service within an affordable price to maintain our market leading position.


Business Solutions

Our multi-screen systems can be found in many commercial applications right around the world.  Over the last 25 years, our systems have truly proven their build quality and stood the test of time endorsing our approach to hand building, soak testing and quality control on every machine before it leaves our factory.